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FastFind MemPro

Visual Studio Plugin

Visual Studio 2022
Visual Studio 2019
Visual Studio 2017
Visual Studio 2015
Visual Studio 2013
Visual Studio 2012
Visual Studio 2010 (up to version 4.3)

Versions (Visual Studio 2022):

19/02/2024Version 8.5
-fixed copying from results list

22/03/2023Version 8.4
-fixed exception going to stale result that's past the end of a file

22/09/2022Version 8.3
-fixed crash reading VS settings

27/03/2022Version 8.2
-fixed crash opening docked and hidden window from current word

27/03/2022Version 8.1
-fixed full rescan every time a solution is opened if projects are excluded by the exclude filter setting

16/03/2022Version 8.0
-fixed colour settings not being preserved

09/01/2022Version 7.9
-First version for Visual Studio 2022


19/02/2024Version 8.4
-fixed copying from results list

22/03/2023Version 8.3
-fixed exception going to stale result that's past the end of a file

27/03/2022Version 8.2
-fixed crash opening docked and hidden window from current word

27/03/2022Version 8.1
-fixed full rescan every time a solution is opened if projects are excluded by the exclude filter setting

08/07/2021Version 7.9
-fixed out of bounds exceptions for empty conditionals (eg " AND ")

14/04/2021Version 7.8
-fixed long pause on first open for very large projects

27/10/2020Version 7.7
-fixed clipping of textbox text

09/09/2020Version 7.6
-fixed find missing lines ending in whitespace
-removed border from text box (shows in docked control)
-fixed find failing with * if wildcards are disabled
-fixed issues with whole word matching
-fixed text box clipping causing _ not to show
-fixed alignment of checkbox

05/05/2020Version 7.5
-fixed default shortcut keys (changed to Alt-S and Alt-D)

30/03/2020Version 7.4
-fixed it not returning any results for open files when no solution loaded
-fixed rare exception for files that have wchar values of 0xffff
-added extra logging for find text exceptions

04/02/2020Version 7.3
-Memory optimisation: Now uses half the amount of memory
-Disabled scanning of modified files that are under the solution directory but not in the solution

11/12/2019Version 7.2
-Support for registering with non-ASCII Windows username
-Added "File Types" setting to change the file types dropdown list

01/11/2019Version 7.1
-Release memory as soon as solution closed (instead of waiting for new solution to be opened)
-Improvements to registration system

23/09/2019Version 7.0
-Fixed unable to load PureDevRegUI.dll exception introduced in 6.9 when bring up the registration dialog

21/09/2019Version 6.9
-improvements to registration process
-changed default dark theme select colour
-added cshtml to default file extensions to scan
-fixed bug that could result in duplicate search results

06/03/2019Version 6.8
-Added support for Visual Studio 2019

05/02/2019Version 6.7
-Fixed bugs introduced in 6.6
-Temporarily dropped support for 2019

04/02/2019Version 6.6
-Fixed bug introduced in 6.5 where FastFind would miss files in virtual folders
-Eliminated depreciated API warning shown by VS2919 on startup.

01/02/2019Version 6.5
-Support for VS2019

06/12/2018Version 6.4
-Fixed some Chinese characters not displaying correctly
-Added .lua to default file extension list

15/11/2018Version 6.2
-fixed intermittant exception getting full path of file while it is locked by another process

29/10/2018Version 6.1
-Fixed highlighting bug in results for Word only matches

18/10/2018Version 6.0
-fixed stall and rescan when opening file not in solution
-added Ctrl-A to select all results
-Ctrl C to copy results (if no text selected in text box)
-Multi-select of results with mouse (mouse drag, shift click)

30/08/2018Version 5.9
-Fixes to registration system

15/08/2018Version 5.8
-Fixed occasional "CreateInstance failed for package" exception on startup
-Fixed registration logging
-Bumped dll assembly version numbers

13/08/2018Version 5.7
-Fixed info message box showing up when opening solution

10/08/2018Version 5.6
-Fixed bug that caused free trial to expire immediately after install

09/08/2018Version 5.5
-Fixed log.txt file sometimes being created in the solution folder when starting VS by opening a .sln
-Improvements to registration process

29/06/2018Version 5.4
-New registration system
-Sort open file results by most frequently used
-new "NOT IN" keyword

04/06/2018Version 5.3
-Fixed problem that caused a stall building code in large solutions
-Registration fixes

17/01/2018Version 5.2
-Fixed FastFind holding a lock on files with a BOM header
-Alt-R now toggles Regular Expressions checkbox

17/01/2018Version 5.1
-Fixed file wildacrds in IN expressions

12/01/2018Version 5.0
-Exclude filters. Exclude filters stop FastFind from scanning paths. Exclude filters can be changed in the settings. Temp folders are excluded by default.
-When jumping to a match in the code place the cursor at the start of the match
-Ctrl-Backspace in the find text box deletes to the start of the current word
-Ctrl-C to toggle the match case check box
-Ctrl-W to toggle the match word check box
-Alt-Down to open the find history dropdown
-Ctrl-Home/End to select the first/last match
-Show the match count in the docked window title
-Stopped the matching files results showing duplicates for multiply referenced projects
-Only watch directories that contains files with extensions in the extension list
-Fixed bug initialising with current word under cursor (was ignoring 0-9 chars)
-Fixed tab-index of FF controls
-Remember last selected match opening when reopening
-Multiple keywords can now be entered in any order
-Allow any wildcard in IN keyword, eg. SomeText IN *Component*.cpp
-Allow for multiple IN keywords
-Fix for some fonts (such as Inconsolata) being cropped in the find text box
-Escape now closes the history dropdown
-Added border to history dropdown
-Added new DEF keyword for finding class definition. Automatically expands "MyClass DEF" to "class MyClass AND NOT ; CASE WORD"

24/11/2017Version 5.0
-Fix for some fonts (such as Inconsolata) being cropped in the find text box

18/11/2017Version 4.9
-Now shows non ASCII characters correctly
-Fixed duplicates results when multiple projects reference the same file
-Fixed problem detecting changes to unsaved modified files
-Registration fixes
-reduced memory usage
-Fixed cropping of text in find text box for large fonts
-Default to Dark colour scheme

01/06/2017Version 4.8
->Fixed crash selecting last the end of the old items drop down list
->Fixed Match Case option for file matches
->select TextBox text when docked FF window gets focus

28/03/2017Version 4.7
-Support for Visual Studio 2017

08/12/2016Version 4.4
-Fixed bug where it wouldn't jump to the line if the file took too long to open

02/12/2016Version 4.3
-Fixed registration failure: "Too many automatic redirections were attempted."
-Fixed infinite dialog pop-up if FF not registered when activating the docked FF window

29/11/2016Version 4.1
-Fixed bug in registration process. In certain cases it would report the product wasn't regsitered after a successful registration
-fixed bug where it would fail to open a file or crash if no current file is open or active

22/11/2016Version 4.0
-Fixed bug introduced in last update where it wouldn't jump to the line if the file was currently active
-support for multi-user licenses

21/11/2016Version 3.9
-open multiple files at once using shift+up/dopwn
-fixed problem where document wouldn't be activated if in a different tab group
-Fixed exception opening .sql files in VS2015
-fixed incorrect line number displayed in find results
-renamed the About dialog to Settings

26/09/2016Version 3.8
-made WORD operator ignore non-word characters in contents of string being searched for (when not using wildcards)

09/05/2016Version 3.7
-fix for garbled strings in list box when finding match in line longer than 1024 characters

01/03/2016Version 3.6
-fix for paths > 260 characters. Stop it crashing and log out the offending file
-handle exceptions in file modified callback when FastFind can't access a file

30/11/2015Version 3.5
-Fixed asking for registration every time Visual Studio is launched

11/11/2015Version 3.4
-reduced the memory usage by around 50%
-changed form border to sizable tool window to make it appear instantly

07/07/2015Version 3.3
-Fixed exception on some systems searching files with lines longer than 50,000 characters

25/06/2015Version 3.2
-Added 'Max Results' to FastFind settings.

10/06/2015Version 3.1
-Fixed exception installing on a clean machine

28/05/2015Version 3.0
-Fixed crash after clicking on Match Text Case

21/05/2015Version 2.9
-Fixed bug where docked FastFind window would reset back to beginning after opening a file

19/05/2015Version 2.8
-Support for Visual Studio 2015

09/05/2015Version 2.7
-Fixed null pointer exception crash

21/03/2015Version 2.6
-Now uses current word as initial find text (even if it isn't selected)
-Added option for "Use Current Word As FindText"
-Added Welcome Dialog, explaining how to change settings
-Changed default key bindings to Alt-Shift-O and Alt-Shift-P
-Fixed crash adding a target to a Visual Studio performance project
-added more exception handling

18/02/2015Version 2.5
-fixed crash when file has line longer than 10,000 characters

27/12/2014Version 2.4
-Added regular expression support
-Moved the settings to the dev-studio option page so that they are saved along with the dev-studio settings
-Changed the settings button into an about button
-Stopped unnecessary updating of find results when FastFind window is activated
-Remember the open files list when re-activating the window. This removed the pause before it updates each time
-Write the current version out in the log file
-Fixed bug where it would sometimes miss project events, such as files being added to projects
-Optimisation: split wildcard and regular expressions searches off into their own functions to remove conditionals from the common case
-Changed "NOT" operator to "AND NOT"

19/11/2014Version 2.3
-Fixed exception on files with unicode characters when match-whole-word is enabled
-Fixed match whole word occasionally returning non-whole words

21/10/2014Version 2.2
-Added the NOT logical operator

07/10/2014Version 2.1
-Fixed FastFind stopping working after system has been running continiously for 25 days (TickCount wrap-around)

06/10/2014Version 2.0
-Added AND and OR logical operators (see features page)
-Added whole word matching support
-Bind FastFind buttons to keys on install
-Add IN to the end of a search string to search specific files with specific extensions, for example MyVariable IN .cpp
-Add WORD to the end of a search string to match only whole words
-Add CASE to the end of a search string to match the case
-Backslash now auto-completes current match when entering paths
-Fixed bug in path matching, now matches items of the parent folder
-Fixed bug where the files were not being re-scanned after the settings ext list changed
-New ext added in the FastFind window are not automatically added to the settings and the solution is rescanned
-Fixed solutions not showing up in search results until a solution had been opened
-Options panel open state now saves independently for docked and modal windows
-Fixed command names the appear in keyboard remapping
-Added tips

26/09/2014Version 1.9
-Changed from AnyCPU to x86 to fix crash in VS2013 when many documents are open
-Sub files (eg designer.cs files) are now included again in the text finder
-Fixed the registration form accepting an empty email address

20/09/2014Version 1.8
-Re-write af all threading code
-Fixed crash bugs
-Now even faster!
-made all calls into EnvDTE thread safe
-Faster startup after the solution loads
-removed About dialog and made it part of the settings dialog
-added an "about to expire" form
-fixed the version number not displaying in the about page
-pool of threads for Text Finder so that it doesn't continually re-create threads
-made Text Finder stop when it has filled the window and then do a full search when the user has stopped typing
-Docked window now shows initially selected text when activated
-made getting open and unsaved files task async. Fixes the slowdown when many times are open.
-fixed text box not being active when switching to docked window
-fixed tab-stop in docked window, now loops around correctly
-made settings thread safe, fixes a few rare crashes
-extra information in list box to show searching progress
-show number of matches in modal window title bar
-removed the delay before the Text Finder starts
-remember the last selected item when opening the modal window
-caching of scanned files and solution files
-fixed exceptions and occasional crashes on shutdown
-fixed bug where visual studio interface would become unresponsive
-added maxmium file size to scan. Stops it stalling on massive txt files for example.

21/08/2014Version 1.7
-Files not uder the project root folder are now watched
-Fixed slow loading of large solutions with many projects in VS 2012/13 (bug introduced in 1.6)

17/08/2014Version 1.6
-FastFind now watches directories for changes outside of visual studio
-F8 support to move to next/prev find result in docked window
-Set initial text from active document when activating docked fastfind window
-Make sure text box has foxus when activating docked fastfind window
-Mouse wheel scrolls window not selection
-Old searches dropdown button now closes window if it is open
-Old searches window positions itself to always stay on screen
-Fixed wildcard matching for finding files, now puts * on beginning and end
-Pressing escape in docked fastfind window moves back to the active document
-Fixed tab-stop wraparound for docked iwndow
-Fixed potential exception on shutdown
-Can now open solution files if no solution open
-Horizontal scrolling with mouse

13/05/2014Version 1.5
-Fixed text box not resizing when font resized
-Changed default colour of select bar to make text mode visible
-Fixed setting of custom colours in settings dialog
-Fixed changing font in settings dialog

10/05/2014Version 1.4
-Fixed out of memory crash. Now only caches code files rather than all solution files
-Improved exception reporting
-Fix issue with ext text box adding spurious extensions to settings while typing
-Fixed issue with entering non-lowercase extension filters
-Solution misc items are now scanned

07/05/2014Version 1.3
-Stopped FastFind from returning project folders as files to open
-Re-organised settings form and added About form

29/04/2014Version 1.2
-Made solution files always show absolute path
-Fixed solution files not displaying if no solution file open
-Fixed bug in relative path function

18/04/2014Version 1.1
-Minor update for license detection

17/04/2014Version 1.0
-FastFind dialog
-FastFind dockable window
-Toggle C++ header file