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Local License Server

Local License Server Setup

1. Download the license server for the product that you want to license

Download FramePro License Server

Download MemPro License Server

2. Extract the zip onto your server.

Make sure that all users have access to this server. This server app needs to be running whenever there are users using the app.

3. Launch the App

launch app

4. Register the server app using the registration key supplied by PureDev Software.

This is done in the normal way as explained here. If the server can't access the internet then use the "Register Via Website" link.


5. The license count should now show the number of licenses you have purcahsed


6. In the settings change the port if necessary

Go to the Actions Menu -> Settings

Local License Server

7. Register a MemPro/FramePro instance with your server.

Enter your local server IP or name into the registration box. If you have changed the port specify the port after the colon, eg "mylocalserver:1234". If you don't specify a port it will use the default port.

register with local server

8. The license server will show the licenses that have been registered

The window can be closed and the server will continue to run. Click on the icon in the taskbar to get the window back or close the server.

registered users

To unregister an instance you can:

  1. Unregister from within MemPro/FramePro by going to Help -> Product Key... and selecting Unregister
  2. Unregister using the server. Click on the client so that it turns red and click on "Unregister Selected"