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C++ Memory Profiler


MemPro is a C++ MemPro profiler for Windows. MemPro can profile any application that has Windows compatible pdb files.

MemPro is a separate application that connects to the app being profiled using TCP and records information on all allocations and the entire state of memory.

In order to connect, the application being profiled needs to be compiled against the MemProLib code. This can be done by simply adding two lines of code to your main source code file. See the Quick Start page or the Setup page for more information.

Once connected MemPro will track all allocations and frees. At any time you can take a snapshot of the entire state of memory. These snapshots can then be viewed in a variety of ways.

MemPro is designed to be fast and efficient, and can cope with profiling massive applications with thousands of allocations per second.

Please see the Quick Start Guide for getting started with MemPro.

© Copyright 2011 - 2013 Stewart Lynch